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Our Story

“The advances I have seen over the years manufacturing Autoflo products have me even more excited about the future of electronic water control”

– Alex Mayer, Managing Director

AutoAqua was the first company in Australia to produce electronic tapware. The original design had a unique, internationally patented feature being the safety run timer, which has since been adopted by all electronic tapware manufacturers, testament to the innovative nature of the company.

Through the years there have been significant changes. AutoAqua became AutoFlo, and the product manufacturer acquired the company. One thing that didn’t change was the commitment to producing quality electronic tapware here in Australia.

autoflo bespoke taps

Increasing the product range through in-house design and engineering capabilities to increase competitiveness has been the cornerstone of this shift. This has enabled Autoflo to increase production and gain market share in the sector of electronic tapware.

This increase in capability and production sees AutoFlo continuing to invest in product development and expansion, having grown from a two product company just 5 years ago to now producing over a dozen products. The plan is to grow this to include other areas where electronic control can be integrated with water, as well as increasing design and customisation for construction, building and interior projects.

A mixture of automated and manual processes is required to produce our suite of products. From fully automated PCB assembly lines, manual assembly and testing, to final packing and serialisation, attention to detail and quality is at the forefront of our philosophy and practice.

Steady growth has meant investment in resources to streamline all our processes and create strong efficiencies. AutoFlo remains committed to producing in Australia, and this means using up to date equipment, having well trained staff, and fostering continuous improvement to drive quality and competitiveness.

autoflo manufacturing

AutoFlo understands that electronic tapware is not in the standard plumber’s manual, which is why we have a full time customer service and technical advisor available on the phone during business hours. Any questions, difficulties or issues that arise during or after installation are generally resolved over the phone on the same day.

We also understand in many industries, if a customer wants an electronic tap they usually want it now. We ensure stock levels are always sufficient for demand on all standard products. Agile production also enables us to produce custom products in as timely a manner as possible.